Words and Music

A lot of your guys and gals have asked about the "Words and Music" episode that we did a while back and we wanted to let you know that it started airing last night on NewsChannel5+ in Nashville.  

Here's the full-list of air-times:


16th - 3am,  9am, 7pm

17th- 12:30 am

18th- 5:30 am, 9:30 am, 11:30 pm

19th- 9:30 am, 6pm

29th- 3am

30th- 3am, 9am, 7pm



1st- 12:30 am

2nd- 5:30 am, 9:30 am, 11:30 pm

3rd- 9:30 am, 6pm



steevie n jon

Bluebird Cafe Reservations

Tickets for next Thursday's (11/20) show at the Bluebird Cafe are available tomorrow morning (11/13) at 8 AM!

We'll be joined by; Aaron Raitiere, Charlie Pate, and Kevin Dalton. They're some of the best songwriters you'll ever hear anywhere, ever.

Click HERE to make your reservations.

Hope we see ya next Thursday!


-Steevie n Jon



A couple of weeks ago, we met the guys and gals from Somersessions in the upstairs of an old print shop in Somerset, KY.  We swapped bad jokes, passed around water bottles full of apple pie moonshine and, eventually, they pressed the red 'record' buttons on their video cameras and we sat down to sing some songs.

Here's a video from that night of a brand new song called, "Runnin Into You". 


To see and hear more from that wonderful evening, go to Somersessions Youtube page by clicking HERE and be sure to check out SomerSessions.com to see all of the amazing work they do.

-Steevie n Jon



Hey all!

Keep an eye on our Youtube channel for lots of new, previously unreleased, audio/video goodness!  If you haven't already, please be sure to SUBSCRIBE to our channel by clicking HERE 

Ok. That's all for now.

All our thanks and love,

Steevie n Jon


Greetings Friends!


The television series, "Nashville Unleashed", premiers across America TONITE (9/29) on the Heartland Network!

We're thrilled to be featured in the first episode alongside our songwriting pals; Jeff Miller and Bridgette Tatum (Jason Aldean's, "She's Country")


Tune in times:

6:30pm- Nashville Area

7:30pm- CST

8:30pm-EST & PST

For a full-list of when/where/how to watch "Nashville Unleashed", head to www.NashvilleUnleashed.com for all the deets


Happy Monday!

Steevie n Jon